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Excavation Company in Lorain, OH​

Dunn Excavation is the premier Excavation Company in Lorain and the entire Northeast Ohio area. Dunn Excavation offers the best excavation services in Lorain and the surrounding areas. We are Lorain’s Best Excavation Company! We are glad to provide exceptional excavation services in Lorain, Avon, Avon Lake, Westlake, North Olmstead, North Ridgeville, Elyria, Amherst, Vermilion, Sandusky, and surrounding regions. We offer excavation services such as tank construction, gravel driveways, land clearing, demolition, gravel pads, water lines, and much more! We have skilled crews that can handle all of your excavation needs and deliver high-quality results. We are Lorain’s best excavation company! Allow us to demonstrate who we are on your next project!

Excavating Company in Lorain, OH​

Dunn Excavation is the leading Excavation Company in Lorain and the surrounding areas. Considering purchasing a new home? Do you want to improve your land? You’ve come to the correct place! The best excavation contractor in Lorain, Ohio, is Dunn Excavation!

We serve Lorain and the rest of Northeast Ohio to ensure that you obtain high-quality work. We can not only handle your excavation needs, but we can also handle your concrete needs.

When you buy land for your next house or company, we can help you clear unwanted trees and bushes to begin your project. After that, we can disconnect all of your water connections and handle all of your concrete work to get your new construction up and running. The sky is the limit; our employees have years of experience to ensure you get the best work at the best pricing. Dunn Excavation accepts no work that is too big or too small! We can also handle your business projects! Call us today for a free quotation on your next project, and we’ll show you why we’re the greatest excavating company in Lorain. Allow Dunn Excavation to be your excavation contractor of choice!

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Land Clearing

Do you want to build a new house or make more room on your property? Dunn Excavation Company can handle your land clearing needs to ensure your new project’s success.


Water Lines

Is a new water connection to your house or a new water line to your irrigation system required for your new property? Dunn Excavation has the experience and crews necessary to dig a water line for your next project.



Dunn Excavation Company can build a new stock pond or tank on your property to hold more water for your livestock and fishing needs. Call us today for a no-obligation quote!


Gravel Driveway

If you’re looking for the best gravel driveway installation in Northcentral Ohio, you’ve come to the right place. A new gravel driveway can be installed at a reasonable cost by Dunn Excavation Company. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote!

A. Do everything you can to make the location accessible for everyone. Be sure to let Dunn Excavation know about any problems you may encounter in advance if you can’t do it yourself. If at all feasible, you should also remove any obstructions from the land.

 A. Dunn Excavation works closely with landowners and homeowners to ensure that utilities are properly identified during excavation. Homeowners should identify any private utilities if as all practicable (dog fences, private electric lines, etc.). To establish who will be responsible for marking the utilities, communicate with Dunn Excavation in advance.

A. Yes, we offer demolition services to our clients. A free quotation is available at any time.

A. We do provide stock pond cleaning.

A. We are fully insured and bonded.

A. We perform demo work and clean up after ourselves.

A. Not at all, Homeowners’ life should be made simpler by us, and we try to achieve this goal. If you would like a quote, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

A. Nope, For many years, we have successfully performed commercial and government projects.

A. The answer is simple: yes. An unstable foundation and water drainage difficulties might result from building on uneven terrain. Grading services will guarantee that these concerns are dealt with appropriately.

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Our Promise

At Dunn Excavation, we strive to provide the best excavation services in Lorain. Our goal is to provide you with the greatest quality excavation services possible by paying close attention to detail and using the best materials available. We have highly skilled and professional personnel who will complete high-quality work to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your project. We go above and beyond for our consumers, and we want to take care of you because our reputation is built on them. We will complete the work in a timely way and ensure that any concerns are resolved. This is how Dunn Excavation does business and what we promise to you!

Why we love Lorain, Ohio

It’s great to be a Lorain fan since Lorain is on the rise! Lorain has had a terrible few decades, but it’s on its way back! “The International City” of Lorain, Ohio, is home to more than 70 nationalities. Because its well-known steel plant, the city is also known as “Steel City.” Located in Lorain County, Ohio’s 10th-largest city is the second-most populous city in Greater Cleveland.

Lorain is also home to the Lorain Palace Theatre, which opened its doors in 1928 and has been performing ever since. As the first cinema in Ohio to display a talking motion film, it was a landmark. The  First talkie in Ohio was “Something Always Happens,” starring Neil Hamilton and Esther Ralston, played on opening night. Today, it serves as a community civic center, movie theater, gathering place, and entertainment venue for the surrounding community members. Just a few of the characteristics that make this structure worthy of preservation include the crystal chandelier, Wurlitzer pipe organ (one of only four remaining in theaters across Ohio), and two huge loges.

Lakeview Park is the first lakeside recreational park in Lorain County Metro Parks. Swimming, sunbathing, lawn bowling, beach volleyball, and picnicking are just a few of the leisure activities available in this adjacent neighborhood park.

On the banks of Lake Erie, near the mouth of the Black River, lies another beautiful sight in Lorain. As the second-largest bascule bridge in the world, Charles Berry Bridge is a significant landmark. It is located  On U.S. Route 6 in Lorain. In 1988, on Veterans Day, it was dedicated. Before undergoing a major renovation, the bridge was erected in the late 1930s and used for about 48 years. To honor Lorain native Charles J. Berry, a former Marine, the bridge has been officially christened Charles J. Berry Bridge. The  Medal of Honor was awarded to him because of his heroism during a brief grenade engagement on Iwo Jima during World War II

There is a range of other historical landmarks and small-town attractions to enjoy in Lorain, Ohio.

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